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"The versatile entertainer"




Karl Lebherz

The Karl Lebherz Band has been known throughout the Bay Area for many years, and his many loyal fans follow him to many of his concerts.

Karl is a very talented, versatile entertainer who has the uncanny ability of getting people up on their feet shortly after the music starts. Just to hear him play makes it very hard for almost anyone to sit still. It is not uncommon for audiences to get carried away - swaying, clapping, whooping, hollering and dancing to the music.

His charming, charismatic personality quickly endears him to his audiences.

Karl's repertoire includes not only standard American melodies but also European favorites from many different countries, and many Hawaiian tunes as well. With nimble fingers flying over the keyboard, one can usually hear his sentimental voice accompanying his romantic songs and ballads.

Karl knows exactly how to create the right mood - whether in a small room with 50 people, or a large auditorium with over 400 people. Whether rumba, tango, polka, cha-cha, waltz or Rheinlander tunes;
the dance floor is always fully occupied.


Engagements: All kinds of celebrations -
• Corporate events • Holiday parties • Cocktail and dinner parties • Weddings • Private parties • Fund raisers • Anniversaries • Oktoberfests, etc.

Karl is available to play either alone (and sound like a one-man band) or with other musicians, depending upon the requirements for the occasion.


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